LGBTQ+ Consumers Lag In Achieving Financial Security Data Shows

Financial Disparities

LGBTQ+ Consumers By the Numbers

  • 41% own their residence, 28% rent, and 20% live with parents/family
  • 41% are married, 37% are single
  • Comprised of a maturing group, primarily between the ages of 23 and 38
  • 37% have not traveled in the past two years
  • 47% prefer to shop in-person
  • Family, Education, and Respect for Elders are the top 3 cultural values
  • 35% plan to buy their next vehicle in the next 1–2 years
  • Wine is the number alcohol consumed
  • Blue Apron is the top meal-kit delivery service used
  • Amazon, Facebook, and Gmail are the top 3 apps used
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the most preferred social media platforms
  • TV programming is most often watched via Netflix
  • 44% believe that success is the #1 success indicator
  • 57% believe brand authenticity is important
  • Health care, racial discrimination, and the environment are the three most important issues



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